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Braille displays

VarioUltra is our mobile braille display with 20 or 40 braille elements and 8-button braille input keyboard. VarioUltra connects with four Bluetooth devices and one USB device simultaneously. The change of different devices is easy and executed through a simple keystroke. Thus, you can work with your PC, tablet and smart phone at the same time.


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Professional braille display in modular design, easily adapted to different users and their individual needs. Available as VarioPro 80. Different modules are available for special applications. Tactile Acoustic Slider Orientation (TASO) Module allows for quick, two-dimensional navigation on the screen and for optimal control of Braille, speech and magnification.

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Compact, lightweight and elegant 40-cell braille display for use with computers at home, work, or school. Like other BAUM braille displays, Vario 340 is a Human Interface Device (HID), which means a driver does not need to be installed to use it. 

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The slim and very easy to use SuperVario2 braille display is still the smallest and lightest refreshable braille display in the world. It is extremely robust, contains the latest technology and is favoured by people who demand a lot from their systems. Whether for private use, in school or even at work the SuperVario2 is the perfect all rounder.


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Braille displays


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What our clients say:


"Ever since I've used computers I've used a Braille display. I love reading and have always preferred to read in Braille rather than using speech or listening to a talking book. I've used my VarioConnect 40 very happily for two years now for many reasons. The crispness of the refreshable Braille dots is almost reading like on paper. Also VarioConnect 40 enables me to connect to my main computer via Bluetooth allowing me to listen to my Hi-Fi system. At the same time I'm able to correct my students' homework or read my mail and browse books and play lists, etc. from the sofa. I really value BAUM's design flexibility in the Pronto enabling me to connect effortlessly to other devices such as a Mac, iPod Touch or an iPhone of a colleague wherever I am."


Miguel Martín - Spain




I have to travel a lot with my work and I need equipment I can rely upon. Using my VarioConnect 24 with my iPhone I can comfortably communicate with anyone wherever I am, using phone, text messaging, email, internet, etc.


Thanks to the VarioConnect's small size and weight plus wireless connection to iPhone and Kapten, I even used it during my pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. The information in Braille was invaluable, it was especially useful with my GPS system to guide me and give me route descriptions along the way.


Enrique Varela Couceiro - Spain