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Produkte und Dienstleistungen für Blinde und Sehbehinderte

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Multipurpose organizers for mobile working & communication

A family of pocketsize organizers with Braille keyboard or qwerty-keyboard, Braille output and/or speech output gives versatile and convenient access. Pronto! is easy to use and equipped with all the features needed for every day use. Pronto! comes in a high-tech design with modern communication interfaces prepared for future applications.

Pronto! product family:

Always be up to date

Have you ever received a phone call or taken a quick note on a piece of paper then when you need it you find that you have lost it? Nearly everyone has experienced this situation. Electronic organisers and pocketsize computers help with organising appointments, address books and note taking. For many people they have become indispensable. Blind and visually impaired people especially can benefit from such devices adapted to their special needs.

Sophisticated software with multiple functions

Edit or revise a new document in the text-editor: Benefit from good time management wherever you are. With Pronto! you are able to work anywhere.

Data administration and synchronising with your PC: Don't lose your data; synchronise with your PC from time to time.

Creating appointments, addresses and notes: With your appointments under control you'll have your addresses and important notes always at hand - at any time and everywhere.

Remember birthdays, It won't only be your best friends that will be happy to receive your wishes - thanks to Pronto! you can quickly look up phone numbers.

Time, date, alarm clock, stop watch and timer: With good time management you can achieve much more and you'll get along a lot better!

Reading emails and chatting through MSN-Messenger: Read and write your emails on the move, communicate with your business partners or friends, whenever you like.

Sending and receiving SMS in connection with a mobile phone: Use the Pronto! input and output for reading and writing SMS easily - don't waste time.

Listening to music (MP3) or voice recordings: Always have your favourite songs with you - or record your ideas and reminders using a voice note.

Reading DAISY books on the move: Listen to informative books or enjoy thrilling stories while on the train or waiting for your bus to come.

Calculator (standard and scientifi c): Whether for school, work or everyday situations - having a calculator to hand is always useful.

Compass and barometer (altitude): These functions make your Pronto! a useful companion even during the holidays, for example when you go hiking.

Listening to Internet radio: Keep informed: Pronto! allows you to listen to radio programs from all over the world.

Reading and writing grade II Braille and retranslating it to grade I Braille: For all users who are familiar with the grade II Braille rules. It allows the shortening of text by roughly 40 %, so making reading and writing much quicker.

Pronto! product family:

Audio Tutorial about Pronto! 18 and Pronto! 40 with Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

This tutorial briefly describes the pairing of Pronto! organizer with an Apple iPhone. Click here to download and to listen to this tutorial (6MB).

That's what our clients say:

It is hard for me to leave my Pronto, because I use it in so many situations (as a Braille display, to read at home and in the train, to store my scores when I attempt my jazz sessions, to check my cooking or knitting templates, to write my SMS on my phone, and so on...), that I will miss it...


Pascale Isel - France


Only after using my Pronto! 18 V3 seriously did I realize what "working any time - anywhere" really meant. Being a freelance blindness trainer, Pronto! Informs me of my important appointments, I can check my emails anywhere, even outdoors when letting the guide dog out, I can take notes and read my notes back easily even when I'm travelling thanks to the well-designed carrying case. Not only does it make my work-life easier I use it a lot in my social life for chatting to friends via MSN Messenger. Listening to DAISY-books or songs on the MP3-player is easy to do on a bus or train and when I'm at home or at our summer cottage keeping the scores when playing games with my family. In the past I used to say that there were things that a blind person simply couldn?t do, now I've changed my mind and I'm just as productive and competitive as a sighted person.


Johanna Herranen - Finland