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Poet Compact 2 - The genuinely easy to use reading machine

When designing the Poet Compact 2 we focused on its main function: reading. This slender all-in-one reading machine can read any kind of printed matter with just the press of a button. There is no need to study lengthy manuals and you do not need to have any prior knowledge of computers to operate the Poet Compact 2. The built-in stereo loudspeakers directed towards the listener ensure a sound that is loud and clear. The controls are self explanatory, in tactile shape and have sensible pressing feedback as well as touch tones. Try it yourself - you'll be convinced of how easy it is to operate.

Easy to use reading machine.The Poet Compact 2 with 2 buttons.Reading by means of one-touch operation - with 2 buttons or with 3 buttons and menu keypad.Books, periodicals, magazines can be easily put onto the reading machine.

The facts:

  • Minimum controls
  • Stand-alone, all-in-one unit
  • Clear accurate speech
  • Pleasing human-like inflection
  • Multiple languages on request
  • Low energy consumption

Only 2 buttons and 2 control knobs: so you can focus on reading

The Poet Compact 2 is the basic model with only 2 buttons. With the first button it scans and recognizes texts quickly with a high-quality speech output. The second button is the pause button and stops and starts the speech immediately. The control knobs are used to adjust the volume and reading speed to your preference even when Poet is running. All controls are located in an aesthetically pleasing position on the front panel. The Poet Compact 2+ is a model for more advanced users who prefer more features.

Technical specifications:


  • Poet Compact 2 with 2 buttons, 1 on/off button and 2 control knobs.

Scanner and OCR:

  • Integrated flatbed scanner
  • Modern speech synthesizer


  • On/off button, intuitive operation
  • Tactile buttons with sensible pressing click feedback and touch tones
  • Clearly arranged menu keypad


  • Audio CD, MP3, DAISY, TXT, RTF, DOC


  • Universal power supply (100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz)

Size and weight:

  • 28 × 46 × 10 cm (appr. 11 × 18.1 x 3.9 in.)
  • 5,8 kg (appr. 12.8 lbs.)


More information about availability in your country: Check out our distributors