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Produkte und Dienstleistungen für Blinde und Sehbehinderte

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Our products are cutting edge technology and succeed through their usability as well as outstanding industrial design. As the most innovative company in our industry we offer a wide selection of products meeting the diverse needs of our customers. Well-designed user interfaces provide flexibility and efficiency. The modular concept allows users to build their ideal product combination.

A family of pocketsize organizers with Braille keyboard or qwerty-keyboard, Braille output and/or speech output gives versatile and convenient access. Pronto! is easy to use and equipped with all the features needed for every day use. Pronto! comes in a high-tech design with modern communication interfaces prepared for future applications.

VarioUltra is a mobile braille device from BAUM Retec that will change the way you think about refreshable braille technology.

Available with either 20 or 40 braille cells, VarioUltra is quite possibly the most beautiful braille device on the planet. Okay, we admit to being a little biased, but we are in love with VarioUltra and we believe you will be too.


Learn more about VarioUltra

Compact, light and elegant. Portable braille display that suits every personal, educational or professional use: SuperVario2.


Learn more about SuperVario2

The Vario 340 is a high quality yet affordable 40-cell braille display for computer users in need of a compact, lightweight solution for use with computers at home, work, or school.


Learn more about Vario 340

Professional braille display in modular design, easily adapted to different users and their individual needs. Available as VarioPro 80. Different modules are available for special applications.

Tactile Acoustic Slider Orientation (TASO) Module allows for quick, two-dimensional navigation on the screen and for optimal control of Braille, speech and magnification.

Learn more about VarioPro and TASO Module

The stable and powerful Screen Reader of a new generation is easy and intuitively to use. The newly structured user interface together with many innovations will convince you. COBRA operates with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, and Windows XP. Over 100 different types of Braille displays of various manufacturers communicate through both USB and Bluetooth.

The Poet Compact reading machine became almost a standard within the Industry.
The new Poet Compact 2 continues this achievement. More than 8500 satisfied users rely on its outstanding useability and performance every day. The Poet gives independent access to all printed texts.

Cutting edge technology, simplicity of use and modern-day, lightweight design allows our Visio desktop magnifiers familys to fit seemlessly into any home or office environment.  Full-colour, enhanced artificial colours, inverse mode, auto-focus, and so much more:

Accessible information, guiding and orientation systems

For guiding and information access in public spaces we have developed a series of integrative products that can be used not only by visually impaired and blind persons but also by sighted persons. The product portfolio includes simple tactile signs and tactile floor plans but also includes accessible internet-terminals.


Modular Braille displays, powerful screen reader software, reading machines, electronic magnifiers - the BAUM products are designed for functioning together. BAUM has in-house hardware and software development as well as its own manufacturing. Our products are consequently further developped and refined. BAUM greatly values innovation, quality and design matching the high demands of our Customers.