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Produkte und Dienstleistungen für Blinde und Sehbehinderte

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The compact, pocket-size organizer for blind people

Pronto! 18 V4 has become a very popular, all-round classic organizer for blind and visually impaired users. Its high quality braille and comfortable use make it very easy to operate. Besides all the normal organizer features like: text-editor, data base and time management you'll be impressed by the on-board accessories. All this with its natural speech output make the Pronto 18 V4 an invaluable tool you'll not want to be without whether at home, at school or at work.


The Pronto! 18 V4 with WLAN, USB Master, SDHC, new processor board and Pronto! Software 3.0 including a web browser and a ZIP Archiver

Main features

  • High quality mobile mini-computer with an 8-dot Braille keyboard, and 18-cell Braille display with integrated cursor routing
  • WLAN with WPA2
  • 4 Bluetooth channels for simultaneous connections
  • USB-Master Type A
  • SDHC card slot
  • Reliable software with many helpful functions for everyday use
  • Natural-sounding speech output
  • Maximum user comfort
  • User-oriented firmware geared for the future
  • Read and write e-mail, surf the web, etc.



Pronto! 18 V4 with new ports: USB Master and SDHC card slot

Pronto! 18 V4 is almost like your best friend.

Meet interesting people in the street and exchange addresses. Record an impromptu thought on the voice recorder. Read a good book during your travels. Pronto! 18 V4 will be your helpful companion in many situations.


It's not only one of the smallest and lightest organizers with braille and speech output, but it's also easy to operate: four function keys and a navistick (a mini-joystick) help you perform the most important tasks. High-quality braille cells allow comfortable reading. Inputting braille is also easy and silent which is important in situations such as in lecture halls and libraries, at conferences, or during meetings.


Pronto! 18 V4 features BAUM's legendary simultaneous device connectivity. Thanks to a USB and four Bluetooth connections, you can connect Pronto! to all of your devices, and remain connected to them.


The internal memory of 32 GB Flash is expanded by a SDHC-card of 4 GB included in the package. Also included is a quality carrying case which can be hung over the shoulder or attached to your belt. Pronto! 18 V4 can be used in its carrying case so you don't need an "extra hand" to hold it. The built-in long-life Lithium-ion battery only requires recharging after 20 hours or more of use. More than that, Pronto's magnesium die-cast surface gives it an exclusive and elegant appearance.


The navistick and four function keys give direct access to its many functions.
The high quality Braille keyboard works quietly and reliably with a light touch.
Pronto! 18 V4 lets you listen to your music and radio stations from all over the world. It will even read DAISY books.
The cleverly designed carrying case allows you to use all keys of your organizer without removing it from the case.

What's NEW?

  • Surf via WiFi, read and write e-mails
  • USB-Master Typ-A
  • 4 Bluetooth channels for simultaneous connections
  • SDHC-Slot (according to SD 2.0 specification). Included is a 4 GB SDHC-card
  • New processor board with a higher clock frequency and 128 MB additional memory
  • Pronto!-Software Version 4.0 with many new features

Organizer Development

From the very beginning we have taken great care to develop the easiest and most reliable ways to operate the Pronto! functions. The result of our efforts is truly stable and comprehensive software. There are function keys for the user to define as shortcuts as well as a keyboard. As we upgrade the software to incorporate new developments, it will continue to meet the latest standards.

Technical specifications:

Key features:

  • Keyboard for inputting 8-dot braille
  • 18-cell braille display with integrated cursor routing
  • 1 built-in mono loudspeaker
  • 1 built-in microphone


  • Navistick for easy and comfortable operation
  • 4 function keys to quick-launch applications

Speech output:

  • Output with very clear intonation
  • Choice of language versions
  • Two voices for reading texts (English and language of your country (where applicable)


  • WLAN with WPA2 ? IEEE 802.11g
  • 4 Bluetooth channels for simultaneous connections
  • USB-Master Type A
  • Mini-USB (Slave) Type-Mini-B
  • Connect to an external microphone (mono) and headphones (stereo, 3.5 mm)
  • SDHC-Slot (according to SD 2.0 specification)


  • 256 MB RAM and 32 GB Flash
  • Included is a 4 GB SDHC-card


  • Built-in Lithium-ion battery
  • Power adapter included 100 - 240 V 50 - 60 Hz
  • Operating time up to 20 hrs.

Size and weight:

  • 17.4 cm × 9.2 cm × 3.2 cm (appr. 6.8 in. × 3.6 in. × 1.25 in.)
  • 450 g (appr. 1 lb)


More information about availability in your country: Check out our distributors

That's what our clients say:

Pronto! 18 V4 is without doubt the best tool for me as a blind freelance teacher for the blind. Pronto's calendar app is the best of its kind I've ever seen. I can easily keep track of my schedule and putting appointments in different categories helps me keep my work and private lives separate.  Now with 4 simultaneous Bluetooth channels + 1 USB I can easily connect my Pronto to my client's iOS device or computer while also keeping an eye on my own phone which is simultaneously connected with Pronto. I can even teach screen reader users who are using hearing aids; simply connect my Pronto into their device as an external braille display, and I can easily monitor what's on their screen. I can edit documents using Pronto's powerful word processor, then share them with co-workers via DropBox or email. When wireless LAN is available, I can quickly search for information from the Internet; this way I've been able to answer clients tricky questions many times and very efficiently. For a freelancer like me, whom is on the move very often, Pronto! 18 V4 is a must-have companion that is solving many challenges accessing information from different sources and helping me to be efficient.


Johanna Herranen - Finland