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Produkte und Dienstleistungen für Blinde und Sehbehinderte

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Visio 500 - The highly ergonomic full HD magnifier from BAUM

Visio 500 is the new Full HD desktop magnifier for people with visual impairments. The main focus of our product-development was an optimal ergonomic design and intuitive usability. The screen is widely adjustable and allows the user to set it easily in the best individual position for a relaxed reading. The camera can be switched electrically in different positions, including mirror-viewing.



Visio 500 provides a crisp, clear picture with its 22'' monitor and full HD camera with 30 times optical zoom and a magnification range 1.1 - 55x. A continuous automatic focus, an image optimization and a set of colour combinations put the finishing touches to the magnified picture. Visio 500 features high-quality images, intuitive operation, modern design, cutting edge technology and quality "Made in Germany".


A newly developed reading table with damping in the reading direction provides high comfort through "soft movement". Vertically (y-direction) the table can be locked and the y-movement is carried out through the moving camera, controlled by pressure sensors in the table. This drastically saves deskspace and allows placing a PC-keyboard directly in front of the reading table - especially helpful for people using the Visio 500 split screen function with a connected PC.


Technical specifications


  • 1.1 to 55 times magnification

Colour settings:

  • Full natural colour, 7 colour combinations each also inverse, full natural colours
  • High contrast mode
  • Image optimization


  • 22'' TFT wide screen with LED-backlight
  • technology
  • Bright and non-reflecting screen
  • Full HD resolution (1080p)
  • Control panel integrated

Monitor settings:

  • Height, tilt and focus distance
  • Breaks are released electrically
  • Split-screen function when connected to PC


  • Full HD camera (1080p, 60 Hz) with 30 times optical zoom
  • Continuous automatic focus can be switched off and on as desired

Camera settings:

  • Writing position (vertical)
  • Reading position (diagonally forward)
  • "Knitting" position (diagonally forward)
  • Mirror position (to the viewer)

Size and weight:

  • 52 x 48 x 25 cm (appr. 20.5? x 18.9? x 9.8?)
  • Approximately 13 kg (29 lbs)


  • Video in and out (Full HD, HDMI)
  • USB 3.0 (USB Video Class Device)
  • External power supply


More information about availability in your country: Check out our distributors