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5.20. COBRA-Key+F: Focus tracking on/off

COBRA-Key+F switches focus (cursor) tracking off; press it again to switch it back on.

COBRA normally follows the focus, i.e. the point where data is input or questions answered.

With the navigation keys on the Braille Display , commands 0, 2 and 0, 8, and Windows-Key+Up arrow and Windows-Key+Down arrow, you can move around the screen as you wish.

As soon as the focus moves, COBRA automatically moves to it.

To stop this automatic jumping to the focus, turn focus tracking off with COBRA-Key+F.

COBRA will now remain at the point you have reached with the navigation keys and will not necessarily jump back to the focus.

COBRA will now not track the focus until you switch focus tracking back on with COBRA-Key+F.


Focus tracking can be switched off across the board or in specific applications in the “General” dialog of the COBRA Menu.

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