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5.28. COBRA-Key+M: Mobile Phone Monitor (MPM) on/off

COBRA-Key+M launches the display of the Mobile Phone Monitor (MPM).

The same key combination will also hide the MPM.

With the Mobile Phone Monitor (MPM) you can have a mobile telephone which is connected to your PC displayed on your screen, where you can then use it over speech output, the Braille Display and in Magnification.

You can also use the ‘phone from your PC’s keyboard.

It is thus much easier to send an SMS or amend contacts and appointments on your ‘phone, as you can write directly onto the PC’s keyboard rather than inputting the letters on the numeric keyboard.

The mobile ‘phone’s output is displayed in the MPM and then emitted in Braille, speech output and in Magnification.

The following keys on the PC equate to the following mobile keys in the MPM:


The “Delete” and “Backspace” keys both activate the mobile ‘phone’s Delete key.

From the menu select one of two views on the MPM:


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