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6.3.9. 0+2, Star=Show/hide unlabelled graphics

Use 0+2, Star Level 2 , the star key), to switch the display of unlabelled graphics on and off.

In standard settings, COBRA will display only those graphics which have been labelled by us or by you. Unlabelled graphics are not displayed.

To have the unlabelled graphics displayed, use this command. Unlabelled graphics will be displayed as “UG” on the Braille Display , and the speech output will say “Graphic”.

To assign text to an unlabelled graphic, use COBRA-Key+Shift+G .

To have a unique number displayed (the graphic’s serial number) instead of “UG” or hearing the word “Graphic”, use 0+2, Divide to activate the display of the serial number.

Use the COBRA Menu’s “General” dialog to decide whether or not unlabelled graphics are to be displayed or not.

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