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4.2. Using the TASO-Module and CeBox

If you use a TASO-Module, an AUDIODATA CeBox or a TASO-Module as a plug-in for a BAUM Vario Pro, extra functionality (borrowed) from BLINDOWS is offered.

A TASO-Module has a numeric 12-key Keypad , with three small keys A, B and C, and a wheel above, with a vertical slider to the side on the right.

AUDIODATA’s CeBox has a 12-key number pad at the bottom, with two wheels above. On the right of each wheel, at roughly half past four, there is a small round key. This is called Shift A for the upper wheel (Wheel A), and Shift B for the lower wheel.

The TASO-Module and CeBox keypads have a star key at the bottom left; the 0 is alongside, and the + key is at the bottom right. The row above has the 1, 2 and 3 keys; the row above that the 4, 5 and 6 keys, and the top line has the 7, 8 and 9 keys. The order is the same as the keypad on your PC or pocket Calculator .

The sliders on the TASO-Module and CeBox steer the individual lines on the screen. When you move the sliders you will hear different tones for a full line and a blank line.

Press the button on the slider, and the line to which you have moved will be read out until you release the button.

An optional column slider is available for the front of the device. It steers the characters within the selected line. You will hear different tones for upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, punctuation, special characters and spaces. Press the column slider and the word will be spelled out from the current character until the end of the word. If you are on a space, the line will be read out from the current word until the end of the line.

The TASO-Module’s wheel and the upper wheel on the CeBox perform the same functions as the column slider. Turn the wheel anti-clockwise and you will move character-by-character to the left; turn it clockwise and you will go to the right. If you press the wheel within a word, the word will be spelled out from the current position to the end of the word – press it between words and the rest of the line will be read out.

Key functions:

In the Basic level, the keys are assigned as follows:

On this level the following functions are available in conjunction with the Plus key:

On this level the following are available in conjunction with the Star key:

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