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10.3. What does COBRA’s OCR do?

Questions and answers about COBRA’s text-recognition application

Must the text on the screen be specially adapted

COBRA’s text recognition is based on OCR, which stands for “Optical character recognition”. Text recognition thrives on the greatest possible number of pixels. If the screen display is very small or the quality has suffered because of compression (JPEG files), the text-recognition software will recognize less.

Where can I use this function effectively?

In principle anywhere where previous screen reader functionality can go no further. For example:

Can I click on the text on the screen?

One of the great advantages of COBRA’s in-built text-recognition software is that one can click on the recognized text with the routing keys, to disengage an action. COBRA can tell exactly where it is on the screen by examining any letter. This allows the blind user to get past the first window of a previously inaccessible setup application and much more.

What are graphic access codes (CAPTCHAs) on the Web?

For an explanation of CAPTCHAs go to http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captcha.

CAPTCHAs may not always be recognized by text-recognition systems, but that is the whole idea behind this technology. There are, however, barrier-free alternatives to graphic CAPTCHAs.

Must I buy COBRA’s text-recognition software separately?

No – each version of COBRA comes with text-recognition software, which works through the COBRA interface and has been specially adapted for COBRA. It is installed automatically when COBRA is installed. For that reason no other OCR can be used.

How will COBRA’s OCR react to the OCR on my PC?

COBRA’s in-built OCR has been specially designed to work well alongside other text-recognition software.

Can I use text recognition with a scanner?

No – COBRA’s in-built text-recognition software acquires information from the screen only and not from an external scanner.

For that reason we recommend that appropriate software be installed. This software will then be set up to retain the original page layout and script properties.

Can I edit a recognized text?

At each stage of the recognition process a text file will be created in the current COBRA folder (out.txt) - this can be edited.

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