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9.2. COBRA and programs that are programmed with JAVA

To use programs made with JAVA together with COBRA the JAVA Access Bridge must be installed.

It creates a bridge between the JAVA application and the screenreader COBRA.

Since JRE version 1.7 the Access Bridge is installed automatically togehter with the JRE. It only has to be enabeled.

Do this the following way:


Some programs are not using the JAVA environment installed under Windows but have their own JRE with it.

In this case the Access Bridge for this JRE has to be enabled also.

Informations how to do this can be found at:



If you are using an older JAVA JRE version (before 1.7) you'll have to install the files of the Access Bridge manually. There is no install program available.

But there is a detailled documentation which file has to be copied to which directory.

You'll find the Access Bridge and the instructions at:


Testing the installation:

To test, if the Access Bridge is working correctly please open the JAVA applet in Control Panel.

If COBRA presents the different object types (tab, checkbox, edit field) of this dialogue in Braille and/or speech all is installed correctly.

Informations for developers or interested users:

The Access Bridge consists of two parts: The JAVA part which is retrieving the informations from the JAVA application on one hand. It sends the informations to the Windows dll (the other part) that can be accessed by the screenreader.

Therefore a JRE (a JAVA Runtime Environment) is necessary, but the JAVA programs normally require this also.

the programmer of the JAVA applications are simply using the Swing programming classes or they have to give the informations for the screenreader to the Access Bridge manually.

Also if you are changing the existing Swing classes you have to fill the necessary information into the Access Bridge manually.

There is an additional known circumstance where even the Swing Classes without changing are not accessible by a screenreader: If you are using a JTable object and enable rendering the Access Bridge gets no information about the whole table. if you disable rendering all is OK.

There is a test program included in the JAVA Access Bridge. It is called "JAVA Ferret.EXE". Simply start this program. Now move the mouse pointer over the screen. Ferret will show which information is available for screen readers about this object.

Beside the accessibility of a program you should also think about the usability. This means how you can use the program without the mouse just by keystrokes.

A blind or visually handicapped person will not use a mouse normally. The screenreader also follows the focus and will present the current focused object on braille and speech.

So your goal is that the whole program can be used without the mouse and the focus is always at the most important position or where the next action is to be done.

Otherwise the disabled person first has to search for the information by reading the whole screen and you'll have to put the cursor to this position before doing something.

You'll find additional informations for JAVA developers on the web page mentioned above.

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