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8.2.1. Configuration of Outlook 2003

Please configure Microsoft Outlook as follows:

  1. in “Tools”, “Options”

    • Preferences tab:

      • “E-Mail Options”:

        • switch on “Read standard message in Plain-text format”

        • switch on “Read digitally signed messages in Plain-text format”

        • When replying to a message:

          Select “Prefix each line of original message”

        • Select “Prefix each line with: >“

        • When forwarding a message:

          Activate “Include original message text”

        • Under “Advanced E-mail options”

          • When new items arrive:

            • Switch on “Play a sound”

            • Switch on “Briefly change the mouse cursor”

    • On the Mail Format tab

      • Select the message format: “Plain text”

      • Switch off “Use Microsoft Word to edit email messages”

      • Switch off “Use Microsoft Word to read Rich-text e-mail messages”

      • Under: “International Options”:

        • Switch on “Use English for message flags”

        • Switch on “Use English for message headers on replies and forwards”

    • The “Other” tab

      • Switch off “Empty the Deleted Items Folder upon exiting”

      • Switch on “Make Outlook the default program for E-mail, Contacts and Calendar”

      • “Advanced Options”

        • Startup in this folder: Inbox

        • Switch on “Warn before permanently deleting items”

        • Switch on “Provide feedback with sound”

  2. Switch to Inbox

    • in the “View” menu, select “Current view” and then “Messages”

      • View / Outlook bar – OFF

      • View / Folder list - ON

      • View / Preview pane - OFF

      • View / AutoPreview - OFF

      • View / Status Bar - ON

  3. Write new email. Maximize its window and then close the email.

  4. Switch to the “Journal” folder

    • A window will appear with the following text:

      “The Journal can automatically track Office documents ....Do you want to turn the Journal on?”

      • Click in the box to activate

        “Do not show this message again”

      • Quit by selecting “No”.

  5. Switch to the Calender folder

    • in the “View” menu, select “Day”

  6. Switch to the Contacts folder

    • in the “View” menu go to “Current view”

      Select “Phone list”

  7. Right click on the Contacts folder and select “Properties”

    • on the “Outlook Address Book” tab

      • select “Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book”

      • If necessary expand the file list with the mouse so the folder list is visible.

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