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7.2.1. Introduction to using Windows Vista

In this chapter we will explain a few Windows Vista functions.

The following chapters contain a list of Windows Vista key combinations and a list of COBRA keys for Windows Vista.

The Start menu:

The Start menu in Windows Vista is now much more flexible. It has acquired an input field that you can use to search for programs.

Simply input a few letters from the name of the program, press the down arrow and a list of programs containing the letters input will appear.

Select one of these programs to start it.

This search function searches the entire Start menu and all its subentries.

User Account Control, UAC:

The function you will encounter the most, is the User Account Control (UAC).

In earlier versions of Windows, the administrators had to disable certain functions if a user was not supposed to use them.

On home computers this was too awkward, as if there was only one user at home, he had to do everything.

This procedure has been turned around in Windows Vista. The normal user has only certain rights.

The average logged-on user does not have much to do, neither install applications nor make any other important changes.

To do things like this the user does not need to log off and then log on as Administrator (as currently in Windows XP), make the required changes, log off and log back on as user.

Under Vista, a program which requires such steps to be taken asks the user whether it should do it or not. He must simply confirm with the log-on data of the administrator.

The user can, for example, launch installation programs with administrator rights to avoid this issue.

Each time administratorís rights are required, a message appears asking whether this action should be carried out or not. Inputting the log-on details of the administrator confirms this question and the user can carry on working.

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