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7.2.3. Key combinations in Windows Vista

The following key combinations are available in Windows Vista :

Combinations with the Windows key

Windows Key

Open/close Start menu

Windows Key + Pause

Open System properties

Windows Key + D

Show Desktop (hides all windows) / press again = shows all windows

Windows Key + M

Minimizes all windows

Windows Key + Shift + M

Restores all windows

Windows Key + E

Opens Windows Explorer at “My Computer”

Windows Key + F

Launches search

Windows Key + CTRL + F

Starts search for networked computers

Windows Key + L

Logs computer off

Windows Key+ R

Display “Run” dialog

Windows Key + T

Move backwards and forwards in application task bar

Windows Key + Sapce bar

Brings Gadget/page list to foreground XX

Windows Key + G

Move backwards and forwards in Gadget (Page list) XX

Windows Key + U

Opens “Utility Manager” XX

Windows Key + B

Cursor to Systray

Windows Key + Number key

Opens the application which has been assigned to that particular number in the Quick Launch bar

Windows Key + Tab

Activate Flip3D (press and hold Alt and switch between the open applications with Tab/arrow keys, even when the keys are released. The applications can now be selected as described above.

You would like to open an application more easily in Administrator mode?

Here’s how: press the Windows Key to open the Start menu. Type the name of your desired application (e.g. “cmd”) and then press CTRL+Shift+Enter and then Alt+C.

Key combinations with the Function keys (F-keys);


Call up Help


Rename file


On desktop: hide search window


Activate address bar in open window (if available)


Jumps between the individual elements in an open window or on the Desktop


Activate menu lines for current application

Shift + F10

Opens context menu for the highlighted element (File/Folder)

Other key combinations:

CTRl- , Shift- & Alt-combinations


Copy/cut/paste highlighted text


Undo or redo last action

Shift + Del

The highlighted file will be deleted immediately and not sent to the recycle bin

CTRL + Right/left arrow

Jumps to next/previous word

CTRL + Down/Up arrow

Jumps to next/previous line

CTRL + Shift + Arrow key

Desktop: Select several elements on the Desktop

CTRL + Arrow key …+ Shift:

Element: with CTRL+arrow key select desired element on the Desktop (press and hold CTRL + Arrow key, select with Shift)

Text: From starting point highlight more text in one go

CTRL + Alt + Tab press once and then use the arrow keys to select the desired application and press Enter

CTRL + Esc

Open Start menu

CTRL + Shift + Esc

Open Task Manager


Logon screen

Alt + Enter

Hide properties of selected file/folder

Alt + Tab

Switch between opened windows

Alt + Esc

Switch between opened applications in the order in which they were opened

Alt + Up arrow

Jumps one level up in Windows Explorer

Alt + Print

Screenshot of the active Window


Screenshot of the whole Desktop

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